Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taylor: Telegraph and Goddard

Sorry for my absence lately, I have been doing a lot that is not related to this. lol. I will try to get back on track in the next few weeks and have a lot more to share with you.
Anyway, this lil nugget is in Taylor on Telegraph and Goddard. At one time it was anchored by a K-Mart and Cattleman's at one end and a Med/Max (medical supplies and pharmacy) at the other. We all know what happened to K-Mart in the mid to late 90's, and this was of course one of the stores that they closed. It remained closed and for sale for something like 7 years until they tore it down and built a home depot. It was a lil late as all but 2 of the strip stores closed as well as the Med/Max.

The Home Depot Opened late 2006 I beleive and the empty Med/Max was renovated and became a new Dunhams. It has done little for the stip stores as all but the same 2 I mentioned eariler are still vacant. The 2 Stores that are still are a nail salon and some other business that I couldnt quite figure out and didn't have the courage to go up to to see what it was. There was also label scar from and Fantastic Sams and a Harmony House. The Cattlemans has stayed open, but the parking in front of it is virtually empty all the time. No one shops at butcher shops anymore anyway, people would much rather get all their grocery shopping done all in one location these days.

The center itself is in really nice shape and is very well maintained unlike the Lincoln Park Shopping Center. However, with Michigans economy the way it is; it matters very little.

To the Left, you can see the labek scar from the Fantastic Sams followed by the Nail Salon (Nails USA).

Empty, empty, empty

The other business that I mentioned, along with more empty spaces.

The empty lot in front of Cattlemans.
The Home Depot seems to do pretty well, but ....well....yeah...

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