Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Livonia Mall closed

http://www.detroityes.com/ has a whole thread devoted to the fact that Livonia mall has finally closed. The thread states that The only stores till open are the sears and the Jo-ann Fabrics.
I knew it was comming soon; especially after the closing of VCDS. There are plans to redevelop it into as mixed use retail/residental complex. Its about time, just like Universal mall. Livonia Mall was just so ugly and dated looking, it brought down the entire area.

You can view the entire thread here:

Mailbag: Universal Mall

PurpleBubba said...
"They started demolition on the mall. It's being turned into a lifestyle center and Target is moving here and leaving the store they have a few blocks south."

I read this in the Detroit News almost the same day Purble Bubba posted it. It was about time if you ask me. If a center is failing as bad as Universal was, you need to do something about it. I dunno how a Lifestyle center is going to do, but I do hope it is a success. Considering the poor state of the economy here, I'm not a cynical as I once was about lifestyle centers. I hate cold weather and because I think that other ppl feel the same way I do. lol

Anyway, I never had a chance to write about this mall here, but if you would like some backround, you can check out the commentary that I helped write on deadmalls.com: