Saturday, March 29, 2014

So after 3 years I'm back

It has been roughly 3 years since my last post in which I said I would be updating soon. We all know how life tends to work sometimes, though. This blog really took a backseat to a lot of other things in my life; as is evident.

I will "try" and update this more often from now one. The truth is that not much has changed in Detroit are in recent years that have warranted my posting, anyway. Things have gotten better for some shopping centers or remained pretty much the same for others.

I will update on one particular shopping center that I had close ties to:

The Lincoln park Shopping Center is now completely vacant with the exception of the dollar tree store. When I was working at Radio Shack back in 2012, it looked like LPSC would indeed experience a revival. There was a sign posted at the corner of Southfield and Dix in front of the center stating that the center was being remodeled! I checked it out and yes, they started to do some cement work, began to update the Red pillars with modern stone facade, and began to apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. It was short lived, however. A month and a half later, the sign was taken down and all the work halted and the rest of the tenants moved out (except the dollar tree)  At that point, the rumor I heard was that Walmart had finally bought the center and bought out the remaining work and tenants. There were a few sticking points, though. One of which being Quandt Park. Quandt Park is directly behind LPSC and Walmart "had" to tear it down to make and entrance that was acceptable to city code. No one wanted that. So for that reason and a few others, the project stalled for like the 14th billionth time lol. And it sits like that today. I don't know if Walmart still owns the center or what...I would have thought they liquidated, but who knows.

At least the Sears is still there, but with the way Sears is doing these days, it might be on the chopping block soon.