Monday, March 10, 2008

Lincoln Park Shopping Center; Lincoln Park Michigan

20 years ago, Lincoln Park was a prosperous suburb just south of Detroit proper. Things have changed however, as people move to the newer southern Detroit burbs, such as Brownstown and Carleton. Being directly south of one of Detroits most poor neighboorhoods doesn't help matters much. Crime has spread into LP as a result and it shows through at the Lincoln Park Shopping Center.

At the busy corner of Southfeild Rd and Dix, LPSC was a prime location for such a center when it was built. LPSC is anchored by a Sears and at one time an F&M drug store and a Old Navy. 25 Smaller spaces rounded out the rest of the center. In its prime, all the spaces were of course leased. Today, things aren't so grand. F&M went out of business in the mid 90's leaving all of their locations vacant, including the one in LPSC. The Closing of F&M wasn't the nail in the coffin, however. The Star movie theater then closed in the late 90's due to the remodeled Southgate Cinema and the new Star 21 screen megaplex in Fairlane Town Center. Harmony House also went out of business and by this time, LPSC was heading into a state of disrepair with peeling paint, falling plaster, and half painted over graffitti.

The real nail in the coffin was really the opening of the Fairlane Green shopping center in nearby Allen Park where Old Navy, Dunhams, and Dress Barn relocated. A lot of the remaining customer base followed. LPSC continued to be poorly maintained and dirty. Then it was announced that most of LPSC would be sold and torn down to build a new Walmart Supercenter but even before these developments, it seems as though LPSC was just given up on. President tux, Complete rehab, KB Toyworks, Hallmark, and many of the other smaller stores closed from low sales and/or fearing the Walmart would steal what little sales they still had. Most of the remaining stores are planning to weather the storm and attempt to coexist with the Walmart when it is opened. The Walmart won't be even started for a year and a half though; and LPSC quite frankly, looks like shit lol. It would be nice if something was done to spruce it up, but that probably won't happen.

Former Old Navy

Former Dress Barn

Most of these stores are staying

Broken window

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Larjmarj said...

Yay, props to the LP.

Seriously it is an eyesore. There are so many older malls like this in and around the metro area.

Another one that comes to mind is on the corner of Dix and Eureka in Southgate. It used to have Best Buy and Home Depot as the Anchor stores but now I don't even know what's in there, a Bo-Ric's maybe? Another one that's failing is the other Lincoln Park Shopping center on Emmons and Fort, it's not dead yet but...looking like it could use some CPR. Great site by the way, I found it on the Discuss Detroit forum.

Eric said...

I was planning on doing both of those eventually, too lol.

Anonymous said...

I went to Radio Shack at LPSC the other day and a lot more stores are closed now. Avenue is closed as well as others that were still open up until recently.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln Park has become the armpit of the downriver area, it's a sewer. The police force is about as corrupt as it gets.

Pat said...

I am searching for the name of a women's dress shop that used to be located in downtown lincoln park. It sold womens gowns, cocktail dresses, suits, etc. It's probably been over 15 years since I was there and I'm sure its out of business but I've been racking my brain to remember the name. Thansk to anyone who can help

Anonymous said...

The name of the ladies dress store in downtown Lincoln Park was called Fishers.